Why our Service is Different

Size isn’t Everything

We serve the small to middle size buyer with a very personal level of support. We hear from people every day that are just looking for some real experienced support. Companies like Scorpion and Line-X DO NOT have the time nor level of commitment to the smaller customer that we do. We cater to the companies that need to do a variety of different size jobs to keep the money coming in.

Major Fail

Something not stated in the industry which is a rule of thumb in business, “Most start ups FAIL”. That is the nature of business. However, just like other markets, when the customer is hot, it’s time to sell them regardless of the true risk being taken. That cannot really be avoided. But, what about support after the sale? If companies coming into a new industry don’t have the personal dedicated support required to get through tough jobs, those companies are destined to fail….

Become a dealer

This is a Customized Product

This is not a simple retail product. This can be a turnkey solution, but the reality is that unless you’re in with a large car dealer or distributor, you will probably not be spraying 40 cars/week indefinitely. So, the alternative is to be creative and bring in many types of jobs. This is where things get crazy. Different materials, application processes, an array of finishes.
You can make great money if you are getting out there and taking in all your opportunities. But, when you are required to be an expert before you do the first new types of jobs, how can you get them done? Why would you even attempt to do them when you are risking your business name?

Well, We’ll Tell You

Professional, available, Expert applicator technical support that’s here to help you. Because we are not huge, every single customer matters to us. We provide support for quoting, cost analysis, job fulfillment and warranty support. Some of the areas we focus on are:
  • Food containment
  • Live Stock Safety
  • Agriculture
  • Processing Plants
  • Warehouse Coatings
  • Manufacturing
  • Truck Beds
  • Marine Jobs
  • Any Custom Application that requires Expert Input

Working for You

We are here to support you 100 percent.

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