Spray Bedliner Dealer Testimonials

With a growing number of Dealers in North America, Spray-Lining is providing more opportunity for bedliner dealers to get away from binding contracts and high cost franchise commitments. We beat Rhino Linings, Line-X, Scorpion Coatings and Speedliner in all areas including: price, quality, support and simplicity of engagement. We have no hassle dealership agreements that let you get to work. We are a chemical company that gets you the product, marketing and support you need to accomplish any size poly hybrid coatings job. We have a growing number of dealers that are continually satisfied with our services. This is the place where we post their successes as a Spray-Lining™ dealer. Please read what our bedliner dealers are saying about us. If you are a dealer and would like to let us know how you felt about your experience with us, just fill out the form below.

Spray-Lining Applications


  • Bedliners
  • Automotive Exteriors
  • Fleet Protection
  • Agricultural

  • Trailers
  • Processing Centers
  • Farm Equipment
  • Silos
  • Industrial

  • Tanks
  • Facility Protection
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9 thoughts on “Spray Bedliner Dealer Testimonials

  1. Mike Knab

    We have been dealing with Spray-Lining for a few years now. We have done bedliners, floor coatings and other industrial linings jobs. We have found that Spray-Lining is a great broad solution for spray coatings. I have applied many different types of textures and materials through a simple spray system that yields high quality professional results. Their investment in research and development as well as their model to beat Rhino and Line-X has resulted in a very positive vendor experience for me.
    The volume price and quality has always been outstanding. As far as I am concerned, this is the best spray bedliner dealership opportunity. If you look at the facts, you will see that Spray-Lining is hands down the best investment opportunity for auto-body shops.

  2. Newmexicospray-lining – laCuava automotive and towing
    jemez springs, NM

    Spray-Lining helped me get see the difference between other polyurethane and polyurea bedliners and Spray-Lining. I am able to produce several textures and hardnesses with one formula. It’s true. Not only that, it’s less expensive than Rhinolining and Line-X and the jobs are made easier with Spray-Lining’s advanced formula.

  3. My experience with Spray-Lining has been really positive for the most part. I started up my business a few years ago. When I got into it, I really wanted to get into a variety of coating applications because I saw the opportunity was there. I found when I compared this dealership startup with Rhino-Lining and Line-x there was a big difference.
    The cost of startup for Rhino Linings was out of my league. So, when I looked at Line-x I realized that their main coating was polyurea so I needed a spray booth and other expensive equipment. This just wasn?t going to work. Spray-Lining was a great alternative to these expensive bedliner companies.
    When I spoke with my support rep at Spray-Lining, I saw that they knew a lot about coatings in general. Not just truck beds, but advanced coating applications. Their support was available and highly knowledgeable.

    It was very easy to get started. Since, there were no franchise fees or order minimums I saw that getting a return on my investment was a no brainer. I didn?t have a lot of jobs lined up so this was very important to me.

    Their marketing worked for me. I got jobs for factory applications, flooring – anti-slip, pond repair solutions, farming applications and work truck linings.

  4. I worked for Lining and Coating Service for 6 years as lead application person. The McClintocks run a Line-X shop also where I used to work. Spray-Lining is a much tougher bedliner product with more company support and much easier to spray than Line-X was. Clear spray on frontal bras are much more profitable than bedliners and beat DuPont’s Paint Protection Film hands down. Because of better solutions at lower cost Spray-Lining is much more profitable and we’re doing many more coatings work.

  5. A dealership with Spray-Lining is a smaller investment. I compared this dealership startup with Rhino-Lining and Line-X and the cost per gallon is a lot less than Speedliner or Scorpion. With low start-up costs and lower cost per gallon, Spray-Lining is more profitable There were no franchise fees or order minimums, and I am able to produce several textures and hardness?s with one formula, so I don?t have to buy a bunch of different formulas and have a lot of stock sitting around on the shelves. All the textures anyone wants can be achieved with the basic Spray-Lining formulas. Also, their spray on Clear Shield ? is much more profitable than any of the clear film coatings a lot of the body shops apply, and it is much easier to apply, since you don?t have to order the specific shape to fit each car. There is no inventory sitting around or ordering the right one for the car model; since it is sprayed on, it can go on any vehicle. My dealership does a lot of truck beds, but we also apply a lot of Clear Shield? to cars, and we have a crew that goes out to do large jobs, such as industrial flooring and farm equipment and ponds.

  6. I have a new 2016 Ford F350. I wanted to protect the bed liner so I decided to use a polyurea spray liner. Was delighted to learn that the product was founded with the goal of providing a super-tough and durable product, do-it-yourself coating system. The product is designed to cover virtually any surface imaginable in a super-durable protective layer. Because of these remarkable properties, the coating has been adopted across a number of industries from plumbing and construction to automotive. Professionals soon realized that the ability of Spray-Lining & Coating to cover and protect so many different materials makes it the ideal method of protecting your truck bed.

  7. I have finally finished my project. My 95 GMC Suburban was suffering from rust in several places over the entire body of the vehicle. After much research, I found many individuals who covered their entire vehicle in bed liner. 3 one gallon cans and almost a year later, my truck is complete and covered from top to bottom. I have had many questions throughout the process that were answered promptly by your customer service. I even bought a can that turned out to be half-way cured, but was quickly replaced by your company. You have a great product and a great support staff.

  8. I am sending this testimonial as a way of saying thank you for producing a cost effective liner for the do it yourself crowd. I recently put Spray-Lining & Coating in my 2005 Dodge truck bed and was very pleased with the results. After looking the product over for a few weeks, it occurred to me that there would be other uses as well. I have a 2002 Harley Davidson Electra Glide motorcycle that through several 8,000 miles trips, has suffered many rock chips to the front end. The cost of painting is high and there is always the worry of repeating the damage. I decided to try your product on my motorcycle and coat some of the parts that are prone to road debris. The bugs are hiding the rock chips. I am very happy with the results and he unique look. I have plans to use the product as a trim accent to other parts of the bike soon. Thanks again!

  9. Off the beaten path a bit…First off, I would like to say that your product is freakin’ sweet. Second I would like to add that I use the product in a fairly unusual context where it happens to work amazingly well. I compete in car audio competitions and used on my boxes (inside and out) to improve durability and decrease acoustic absorption by the wood. I advertise Spray-Lining & Coating and it’s versatility like it is my job, people tell me all the time that it looks like my truck was professionally done.

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