Large DIY Coating Testimonials

Large DIY spray coating jobs are a niche we cater to. With our expert applicator support team we are able to solve any problem from retail solutions to complex industrial issues. Through our primary focus on our customers and their satisfaction we continue to learn and solve new and challenging issues that crop up in the polyurea / polyurethane / poly hybrid coatings market. We take special pride in this.

We Continue to Satisfy

  • Focus on all customers, big and small
  • No one left behind after the sale
  • Expert team of coatings professionals to ensure success
  • Continuous assessment and improving on our knowledge base
  • Ability to take time out for everyone
  • The best warranty in the industry
Our attention to your needs continues to satisfy – Read From our Customers

9 thoughts on “Large DIY Coating Testimonials

  1. Walnut Street Capitol

    Using Spray-Lining for our rotary lift booth was a great decision on our part. They were prompt, professional and knowledgeable. Details:
    – rotary booth with red floors, white walls
    – royal blue rotary lift
    – 45 mil height
    – curved radius wall corners

    We needed an anti-stick floor coating. One nuance of our job was that we also needed to be able to apply a 1″ radius curve in all wall corners. The support team was very versed in these types of considerations and quickly provided the solutions in our quote.

    At the end of the day, we got the job done on time and with great satisfaction. We used yoke rollers with a hopper gun to disperse the coating.

    We called numerous times for tech support and got real experts every time. They really knew their stuff. They obviously weren’t reading from a script.

  2. Besides the mistake I made mixing my first batch, afterwards it was really easy to mix the products and obtain the liquid lining I wanted.

    Painting was easier than I thought and I was amazed how much the lining covered with so little amount of material. Finally the end result came out better than I thought once it dried; very protective and appealing to everyone that saw it and feeled it.

    This new trend is going to be a bomb in the off road market. Thanks for your support and knowledge, it was extremely helpful. Edgar Morales, Extreme Off-Road Vehicles.

  3. I/O Data Centers – I am an engineer representing I/O Data Mobile anywhere did real roofs of mobile data unit. Rhino linings sucked. Spray-Lining blew em away. truth? Spray-Lining provided outstanding coatings for a high profile job we needed done. We were coating mobile data centers that needed to meet some pretty stringent requirements.

    After speaking with Rhino Lining we were pretty confused about their ability to provide high end support for our needs. They boast their expertise in industrial solutions, but when it came down to it, I could not get a support person on the phone that was truly knowledgeable about our requirements. So, I kept searching for a professional poly coating company. I rejected Line-X as all they really wanted was to make me a dealer. Our company had no desire to “make money”. We simply wanted to get this large technical job done effectively. So, we found spray-lining and were a little hesitant because they seemed to be a generic alternative to other spray coating companies. However, once we got on the phone with a rep, our tune quickly changed.
    These guys have a LOT of knowledge about spray coatings. They understood our requirements, and provided us with multiple solutions quickly which really made us comfortable with their ability to satisfy us. The mixed a custom blend of poly hybrid coatings that met all of our technical specifications and even came out personally to apply these materials with us. Because it was a large job, Jeff said it was no problem to fly out and train us on a few of them ourselves so our crew could finish the job quickly and at a professional level.
    We are extremely happy with Spray-Lining and thank them for providing a lower cost solution with better support than I could have imagined.

  4. I have a 2012 F-350 Crew Cab with an 8 foot bed. I recently moved to Massachusetts and have been looking for a bed liner for quite sometime. I searched Rhino, Line-X, and many more. I found that Spray-Liner was the best product for the money. Spray-Liner has a warranty that will out shine the competitors and they stand by their warranties. If you are in the market for a bed liner and you live in Massachusetts I HIGHLY RECOMMEND SPRAY-LINER
    Great company with a staff that will get you in and out exceeding your expectations. Superior company and staff. Try them you will not be disappointed.

  5. I am a 16 year old from South Dakota. My father got me a 2002 F150 as my first truck and it had a bed-liner in it when I got it. Not only was it in great shape when I got it but it is still holding up perfectly. I use my truck for ice fishing and all kinds of chores that go with living in the Midwest, moving snow machines, lawn mowers etc. One event has set your product apart though and that is the chemical resistance. I was hauling a deep cycle battery for my boat when disaster struck?. the battery tipped over and the cap came off?. There was acid everywhere in the bed of my truck I thought besides the cost of replacing everything in my bed I?d have to reapply the Spray-Liner not true!?it was totally fine once I cleaned up the acid?now I know that it was terrible stuff because it ate the screws that were not coated in the bed (I believe they hold the bed to the frame)?but I was totally amazed?your product is truly amazing. Thank you Spray-Liner!

  6. Thank you for making such an incredible product. I?ve experienced your products while serving with the U.S. Army and on my personal trucks. Your products are far superior to any other brand out there and due to your willingness to produce such a fine product I decided to have a Spray-Liner applied to my new 09? F150 today. This is my second truck with a Spray-Liner bed liner and I got to say it looks great. Thanks again.

  7. Absolutely the BEST polyurea and custom work in Corpus Christie!!! Got it in a wild metallic orange. Don?t like their price bc the other brands were less $ but like 2x thicker. Dealer name is Corpus Christi Bedliners. I recommend their spray guy, Jorge to anyone if you want any full jeep exterior done RIGHT! Found this guy tough Spray-Lining & Coatings. Thanks, Jorge at Corpus Christie Bedliners.

  8. I had my Jeep coated by Spray-Lining in a dark green. I just want to say thanks for all the help. I was up in the air on a few different choices. They took their time and showed me all the options and the benefits. I originally wanted a real rugged bed liner on the exterior of my CJ and they showed me 4 different textures that would be acceptable. I hadn?t even thought about the fact that everything would stick to a more aggressive texture. Thanks again.

  9. I have a 99 GMC Sierra and a 04 Chevy Colorado, both have Spray-Lining spray in bed liners. It was the first thing I did after buying the vehicles before the ink was dry on the purchase contract. I love it, it has lasted on my 04 through some ?tough love? and my Colorado looks awesome with the bed sprayed. I also use it on my sub-woofer boxes, as it makes a great bonding and covering material, plus it makes the box look really hot. I?ve talked a few friends into getting their trucks sprayed, and they love it too.

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