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Spray-Lining specializes in many custom polyurethane and poly hybrid DIY coating applications. You will find a lack of quality in DIY coatings compared to professional and dealer grade products. This is a fact and in many cases contributed to the fact that there are strict rules about shipping and storing chemicals in retail environments. We have overcome this hurdle by providing professional grade coating systems directly to the consumer. DIY Bed Liner Kits | DIY Floor Coatings

What Our Customers Say?

Read statements from our DIY customers about different jobs that have been done with Spray-Lining™ materials and systems. Please join in and let us know about your experience with Spray-Lining Bed Liners. We want to hear from you.

8 thoughts on “DIY Bedliner Testimonials

  1. Spray Bedliner on Pickup Truck

    My name is Bud Hoover. I purchased a 3 truck bed kit so I could do a few different jobs. I got a great hopper gun and with the materials provided I was able to produce a great texture for all my application needs.

    This was a great idea on my part and am very glad that I did not go with anyone else.

  2. I bought a 3 bed kit and applied on 2 vehicles with enough left over for some of my yard equipment that was getting rusty. It worked really well.

    So, I recommended the same product for a few of my business clients. A body shop owner I knew was applying scorpion bedliner and was having some problems. So, he tried out a few beds of spray-lining and were satisfied as well. After that I tipped off a landscaper that had inherited a bunch of yard equipment from another business. He wanted his stuff to look new and attractive. After he used the product and was happy I realized that this stuff was really good and there seemed to be a market for it.

    My wife and I are now looking to become a spray-lining dealer in Washington. The thing I like about spray-lining compared to other companies like Line-X and Scorpion is they support a broader array of job types.

    So, we’ll keep pushing forward and trying to get off the ground with this opportunity. Everything is a go right now.

  3. Bedliner Testimnonial

    Bought a 3 bed kit and am super happy. My truck looks great and I really wish I could upload my pics here…..

    Any how, I have a super duty and I love it. I love it cause I use it. When I use it, it gets beat up. So, I had a beat up super duty. It was obvious that the bed was going to hell and I needed a bedliner solution. This poly hybrid bedliner is awesome and it’s well priced. I mean really. I got a great bedliner that looks awesome and is really tough as far as I can tell.

    I got the talk about the dealership opportunity after calling back to get a coating for my boat. It seems like a pretty competitive deal compared to Scorpion dealerships. I am not really interested in it cause I already have a solid business and really don’t want to drive myself nuts with another business.

    But, if I had time and a little money, I would do it.

    If you are in the market for a bedliner, either find a spray-lining dealer or buy a DIY kit. You will be happy you did.

  4. Dear joeliner10,

    Thank you for getting back to me and letting me know you got the money. I tried it once and look forward to using out this system again and if everything goes well I will be ordering more.

    – rushz28 of POST FALLS , IDAHO

  5. We use the spray liner for primarily an industrial coating on oilfield equipment so far it is great. Nice appearance and easy to spray. My only complaint is with the sprayer being so large and open topped. Sometimes it just won’t get into where I need it to go so I bought an inexpensive Shutz gun to try next time. All in all I am very pleased with it.

  6. I went to a SPRAY-LINING & COATINGS store of in Corpus Christie. The service provided was outstanding. I had researched different bed liners, and the Line-X just stood out by far. I went to the store and they gave me a military discount, took it right there on the spot, and even gave me a loaner truck to drive around in. The gentlemen there were top notch! The truck was returned to me within an hour and a half. I was in at 4:15 and out by 5:30. I have nothing but great things to say about the product, and the store where I was serviced. I will definitely recommend the product to my friends!

  7. The 2 bed liner kit was a great product and experience. Being a diy type of guy with just enough experience to be dangerous, I feel this is a great product. The coating was thick and durable. It cured in a reasonable time and looks great. The customer service was great at Spray-Lining and Coatings. I had to call cause the directions were a little confusing at first. Once I talked to the customer service, it made my job very easy. If I had just read the directions twice, I wouldn?t have needed support at all. I was used to some of the other products that you simply pour all of one material into the other, shake and spray. But, like they said, if you want a no brainer crappy product, go ahead. This material was definitely a professional type system. But, once testing a little it was very easy to work with. Thanks again.

  8. “I made the mistake of using a small liner company in town and five months later when I had a warranty issue, they were out of business. Not to mention, it looked like somebody just dumped chemical all over the truck bed with a bucket. Now I?m stuck with this mess of a liner. My wife just purchased a brand new truck and hers came with a spray-lining & coatings liner. What a difference!!!”

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