Duplicated Brands – All Specs – Any Amount

We are the only supplier of duplicated major branded coatings. Flexible Lining Systems product formulas meet or exceed specs of competing brands. Polyurea and hybrids produced meet main equipment configurations. Whether you use a Graco based system, a GlasCraft model, proprietary spray equipment, or none at all, FLS exceeds expectations on polyurea, polyurethanes and all hybrids. Other major coatings and equipment is available with all options.
Bed Liner Products using high or low pressure equip Bed Liner products using Co. specific equipment Manual Mix Bed Liner (hoppers and cartridge)
Line-X Standard, Platinum, Premium, Xtra,
Body Armour
Vortex Scorpion
Rhino Linings TuffGrip, HardLine, Hybrid, eXtreme, ColorMatch Reflex by Langeman Speedliner Talks about polyurea but main product is manual mix
ArmaCoatings Arma-901, Arma-952 Super-Liner (bedliner.com)
Armorthane Highline HardCoat, SureGrip
Armadillo Liners Marvel Coatings
Toff Liner
Our Products MATCH these and more

Our SL Family of Coatings, Polyureas and Hybrids

Manufactured by Spray-Lining, this Product Line contains 0 VOC and 0 Isocyanates. Simple equipment, polyurea results, no hazard to you or the environment. These products are ideal for careful start ups, large DIY jobs, part of a manufacturing process?. This is a safe, affordable, simple system to stop turning away or sending business out.
SLPV Product Line A variable texture high build two component mix for bedliners, marine and floors. Composed of multiple parts for different results: A-Clear, A-Color, A-Color-Flex, B, B-Flex Variable ratio 1:2 thru 4:1 (a:b) yields:
Tensile Strength 1,468 to 6233 psi (soft to hard)
Hardness 60 to 90 shore hardness
Tear Strength 300 – 800 lbs/inch
Elongation 100% to 500%
full cure 12 – 24 hours
Our DIY Product is the only truly professional product on the market that compares to Rhino Lining and Line-X in performance. View DIY Products.
Seal Tite Coating for Ponds out performs and is simple to prepare, apply and enjoy! Learn about this waterproof pond coating that is designed to seal, and protect with professional results every time

Other Spray-Lining Products


polyurethane-acrylic High quality aliphatic polyurethane blended with acrylic for a tough but soft uv stable coating intended for autos or boats. This is a manual mix material that combines the best of polyurethane qualities with UV Stability.


floor-epoxy For Floors, 1:1 to 2:1, 100% solids pure epoxy all colors. For workshops and industrial applications


polyaspartic-coating This newer technology and coating can also be called aliphatic polyurea. It can be sprayed with less expensive equipment and the behavior can be varied. Mostly used to provide UV protection as well as impact and damage protection in industrial floor and marine applications.


aromatic-coating Often used where coated surfaces do not come in constant contact with the sun. This can also be sprayed with an aliphatic top coat to provide UV stability. This can also be used to create a thick inexpensive protective coat that’s covered with a UV stable aliphatic.

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