Seal Tite Pond Coating Review

Seal-Tite Pond Coating

A blend of the best technologies.

This is a product that has been developed by taking the best aspects of the best products and combining them into one product that yields superior performance. Polyurea is very expensive (15.00 / sqft applied) and most coatings for waterproofing fail because they crack when the underlying concrete cracks (which it almost always does).

Seal-Tite is a membrane coating that seals and has high adhesion and elongation properties. This is possible through the combination of elastomeric coating with poly solids that exhibits superior resistance against puncture, abrasion and corrosion.

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What is Seal Tite?

Seal-Tite Coating for ponds and cement waterproofing is a polyhybrid coating that has been developed to provide the characteristics of polyurea without the price-heavy hardware requirements or dangerous chemicals required to spray.

This technology was spawned from the obvious lack of attention paid towards the DIY/Professional cement waterproofing business. There are some great professional solutions, but they are very expensive. The less expensive DIY solutions are not designed to handle the environmental impact on concrete surfaces that need to remain waterproof through many seasons.

Seal Tite Coating is the newest waterproofing solution that meets any budget.

4 thoughts on “Seal Tite Pond Coating Review

  1. I saw great facts on Seal Tite written up in Koiphen. It seems that professional pond coating experience is hard to find or very expensive. I saw our most expensive quote to install polyurea into our pond included “Seal Tite by SLC”. Researching proved Flexible Lining Systems manufacturers Seal Tite, nobody else sells it but SLC is the distributor. I’m disabled so I hired the lowest priced professional waterscape repair crew. I required them to use Seal Tite. The cost was $8.00 per sq ft plus $4.20 per sq ft for over 1/16 inch thick. Came out perfect- no more leaks.

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