RhinoPro Bedliner

What is it Rhino Linings makes a system that allows a professional or do it yourself applicator apply a true polyurea hybrid bed liner without the need for the investment required to spray through a high pressure system. The Rhino Pro PCS system requires 100-145 psi to do a similar job as a Graco EXP or FX system.

What’s the Cost of RhinoPro

The cost of the Bed Liner materials is about 200 dollars for one bed. This does not include the gun. The special gun that allows for high pressure mixing of the two part polyurea hybrid is about 600 dollars. There is no alternative gun to shoot this spray bedliner.
So, you can see that this system is not meant for a DIY job unless the customer has multiple vehicles or surfaces to coat.
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What is the RhinoPro Cartridge Gun

RhinoPro Gun

The Rhino Lining Cartridge Gun

RhinoPro? Cartridge Guns are dual component pneumatic applicators specially designed for RhinoPak 90A, RhinoPak 55D, RhinoPak 70D and RhinoPak SM cartridges. One RhinoPak? 1500 ml cartridge sprayed at 1/8″ (125 mils) can cover a 4 sq. ft. area.

What is the purpose

We believe that this system is designed to get small body shops into spraying polyurea hybrids, get them seeing a difference in quality and customer satisfaction, and ultimately converting these shops into full blown Rhino Lining Dealers.

We have a Better Solution

Spray-Lining is a manufacturer of polyurea hybrid and other urethane based materials for use in industrial, agriculture and automotive industries. We are constantly working on developing systems that allow us to provide an easy way for body shops and dealers to apply the best quality bed liners on the start up costs that they have to work with as well as providing a way to transition to different systems that may be desired or higher volume jobs, larger jobs and different materials.

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