Review of Pond Armor Pond Coating

Pond Armor Review

Pond Shield

Pond Shield is an epoxy coating for waterproofing ponds

Pond Armor Pond Shield is a popular product. If you search for “koi pond” or “cement pond coatings” through your web browser, you?ll see that Pond Armor is in many results. The manufacturer has targeted this niche of pond builders looking for good waterproofing solutions. However, with a price tag of over $180 per gallon, this is one of the most expensive products on the market.

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  • seals cement to eliminate leaching
  • Non Toxic
  • Safe for fish
  • Available at retail outlets

Draw Backs

  • It only resists hairline fractures (< ? mm in width). There is no information about larger cracks.
  • A lot of negative reviews online
  • Not really a membrane. It dries fairly hard.
  • $70 for 1.5 quarts = almost $186 / gallon

Following are links to good and bad reviews of Pond Armor Pond Shield. Just remember, sometimes it is the competition providing negative reviews and sometimes it?s the manufacturer submitting positive reviews so take them with a grain of salt.

Good Reviews

Koi Bito Review of Pond Armor
Product is good, and if preparation is done correctly then there is a high rate of success. review of Pond Armor
Mentioned as a great product for waterproofing.

Bad Reviews
Cracking seams when tank is pushed or stepped into. Indicates low resistance to cracking
Amazon Customer Reviews of Pond Armor
Mixed reviews. About 50/50 good/bad. Main points seem to be price, working time and cracking. Pond Armor Review
A lot of negative statements


Pond Armor seems to be popular and used by many, even though the support (lacking from many reviews) and the price seems non-optimal. However, their rank in Google puts them in a top spot. So, be careful and do your research before purchasing a waterproof coating for your pond/koi project.

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