The Real Difference – Rhino Linings, Line-X, Scorpion, Spray-Lining

Line-x Bedliner

Line-x provides polyurea/polyurethane blend bed liners. This yields a hard abrasive bed liner that serves a purpose, but also can be a liability. It can actually damage sensitive cargo. As well, under extremely cold conditions, Line-X can get brittle. This is one of the draw backs of extremely fast setting polyureas. Overall it is a successful formula, but it is very expensive for dealers to become a Line-X dealer.

RhinoLining’s Tuff Stuff

This is 100% polyurethane bedliner solution that claims NO VOCs or Isocyanates. Rhino Lining is a soft flexible liner that offers high durability and good texture. Their polyurethane solution is very popular because of their very successful marketing initiatives. However, from reviews of many customers, long term issues with cracking, tearing, and loss of color are not uncommon. Not to say it’s not a good product, but at the cost to be a dealer, it is definitely not the best product.

Scorpion Bed Liners

Scorpion Coatings also offers a durable long-lasting polyurethane material that is not much different from Rhino Linings. It does not require respirators or high pressure systems, making it a straight forward application process. Learn about polyurethane versus polyurea bedliners

Spray-Lining Bedliners

Spray-Lining provides a high quality durable spray bedliner that like Scorpion does not require a respirator or paint booth. It has no VOC’s and no Isocayanates. Unlike the other top brand bedliners, Spray-Lining ™ is much more profitable for dealers. Even the DIY bedliner kits provide more material and our company provides expert technical support for it’s clients.

Are they that Different?

There are numerous coatings offered by major vendors and usually one is their main product that they do 90% of their business with. However, they provide very similar protective properties to each other and their competitors equivalent. At the end of the day, any consumer or dealer should focus on a quality profitable product, not name brand. When we say profitable, we mean things like:
  • Franchise costs
  • Additional equipment needed to apply
  • Discount on volume purchasing
  • Dealer Incentives

Don’t be Fooled by Marketing

The reality is that low VOC’s, isocyanates, respirators, booths, special equipment are all topics that are simply not discussed honestly on the websites of large companies. Spray-lining strives to bring these topics out of the dark to help the consumer and business owner make an educated decision about bed liner solutions. Whether you are buying a DIY Bed Liner or opening a spray bed liner dealership, you need to know the differences.

One thought on “The Real Difference – Rhino Linings, Line-X, Scorpion, Spray-Lining

  1. Hi,

    My name is Tim Leung, president ond owner of Ceramic Pro Philippines. We do surface protection for any surface including industrial applications. I have a lot of customers that avail of our services for cosmetic purposes but also have customers looking for a different solution like Line-x. I am interested to be your country dealer and would like to know what steps to take for us to do business.

    We have been in the market for 3 years going in our 4th year his year and have managed to establish ourselves as the premium brand for surface protection. We would like to deal with a conpany like yours to extend our offerings to our existing customers.

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