Hecht Rubber – Herco Pond Coating Review

Sealer, cleaner, rubber and crack repair

Sealer, cleaner, rubber and crack repair

Herco Pond Coating is designed to be applied with brush or roller. It is a liquid neoprene rubber, so you would think it should be applied fairly thick. The recommended coating is supposed to be about 30 mils (Hecht claims this will cover 80 sq ft per gallon). That?s physically impossible. 80 sq ft at 30 mils requires 1.5 gallons mathematically. The company has been making and distributing this product since 1945 (based on their website). Having been around for the long, I might expect a larger presence on the web and more reviews. The idea of being able to roll a rubber coating that acts as a membrane liner is tempting for many. This would keep you from having to deal with folds and seams which is involved with drop in liners. But, again, with any coating preparation is paramount to success.
  View the Pond Coatings Chart Benefits
  • Neoprene Rubber Coating acts like a drop in liner
  • Can adhere to other coatings if they are locked on tight to substrate
  • Adheres to rock, concrete, gunite or any other structural building material
  • Fish Safe
  • Should not be applied when rainy
  • Needs a thicker coat than suggested
  • Bubbling seems to be common downfall
  • Customer Service appears to be lacking

Reviews of Herco Pond Coating

Good Reviews Positive Feedback Can?t find many good reviews. Not to say that there are not any. Bad Reviews of Herco Pond Coating Amazon Reviews of Hecht Rubber A few people seem to have problems with bubbling and poor customer service Thickness versus coverage area This customer had a problem with using the right amount per square foot causing added cost


It sounds like improper prep causes bubbling of the Hecht product. If this is avoided, this product may hold its own as a good pond coating. Long term wear? There are not any real examples that can be found on the web. So, that question goes unanswered. We have reviews of most the top products for DIY Pond Coatings. So, keep reading!

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