Compare Dualliner to Spray on Bedliner

Why Commit to Dualliner?

There have been articles written by dualliner marketing departments about the benefits of a drop in bedliner over a spray on bedliner. These articles include information like, “When you don’t want to spring for a permanent bedliner”. These articles also imply that being committed to a bedliner may not be your purpose. In our opinion if a consumer is looking at paying more than 300 dollars for any type of bedliner liner protection, that would be considered ‘committing’, right? The truth is there are plenty of solutions for a permanent spray on bedliner that are less than 300 dollars. If you do your research you will see that spray in bedliners are a superior solution to drop in bedliner for numerous reasons:
  • True zero-space between liner and truck bed which is critical for rust/corrosion protection
  • Simple application method with superior results
  • Superior sound dampening properties
  • Custom textures and colors are simple to product

What are the benefits of Dualliner

No Serious Equipment

The installation of the Dualliner bedliner is a few steps and involves lining up some panels, removing hardware and reattaching. So, from this perspective, it’s fairly simple. Unless of course, you have an older truck and you have issues with the original hardware.

Ships Easily

Dualliner is the most efficient drop-in system when it comes to shipping. This is probably the main reason they are in business.

Benefits of Spray Bedliners to Dualliner

The Price

Few dualliner bedliners are sold since they?re so expensive: Over $350.00 for a 5 piece drop in bedliner that you do yourself. So there?s little said about them. For about 1/3 the price you can get a DIY, high grade spray lining kit. For $350.00 or little more you can get a certified Spray-Lining Dealer apply a real spray on that?s 125 mils thick with Lifetime Unconditional Warranty with a transfer form. Spray-lining professional spray bedliners are the best priced bedliners because we are a professional grade bedliner manufacturer that provides products directly to the public. Shop Bedliners.

Dualliner Warranty – Worth Anything

From warranty : “DualLiner warrants the DualLiner bedliner against defects in material and workmanship for the life of the bedliner. Warranty is transferable to new owner of truck or bedliner. Failures due to improper installation are not covered. The ZeroSkid? Rubber Floor is made in the USA from 100% post production recycled material. This material is an oil-based compound and is warrantied under DualLiners? LifeTime Warranty for performance but does not extend to the finish of the product. Deep voids or non-fill areas that can be classified as a hole not created by the customer during or after the installation process would be covered by the warranty; light non-fill areas, areas on the underneath of the mat and certain manufacturing marks and irregularities are allowable and not considered a warranty issue. Any manufacturing defect as described above must be detected prior to installation and reported within 30 days of receipt. DualLiner reserves all rights and privileges with regard to warranty determination.” This warranty basically says, if anything goes wrong your product is no warrantied. The fact that the materials must be inspected prior to installation means that there is no warranty once installed. Spray-lining bedliners are warrantied for the life of your vehicle including transfer of ownership. This is true piece of mind. View the Spray-lining bedliner warranty On top of that, shipping costs about $200 to ship back and is very tough to get the warranty satisfied. Read the story.

Bedliner installation and customizing

The Dualliner drop-in takes a whole day to install from opening the box to closing your tail gate. Spray bedliners may require a compressor, but only take about 2 hours to install once prepped. As well, because you are getting the liner in liquid form you can modify the color and mix the components differently to create rubbery, anti-slip, hard, semi-hard and other textures. This is a huge benefit over Dualliner’s bedliner. At the end of the day, Dualliner might be right for some who don’t need a highly durable and rugged bedliner, or are not concerned about the corrosion of their truck bed. But, if you need serious protection from the environment and any materials being introduced to your bed from hard work than you need a professional, fully warranted product that can hold up to anything you throw at it. Learn more

2 thoughts on “Compare Dualliner to Spray on Bedliner

  1. I have a 1981 Jeep CJ5. It originally had carpet on the inside, but I pulled the carpet out and had the interior of the tub with Spray-Liner & Coatings.It has been a great investment as it makes cleanup easy and I don’t have to worry about mildew after getting caught in the rain. This may be something no one even thinks about, but I am so glad I coated the interior.

  2. I wanted to say the your bed liner is amazing. I forgot my tailgate was down today and drove over 150 miles between highway and windy and bumpy back roads, and never lost anything that laid in the bed of my truck. ( Which was a chain saw, splitting maul, chains, gloves, rope, and some other odds and ends). Even though it was in the truck when I got it, I will never own a truck again without and I am going to tell everyone I know that has a truck to get Spray-Liner.

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