Competing DIY Spray Guns: Low Quality

DIY Products come with Low Quality Spray Guns

Rollers identify low quality product from the start- they equate to a 1 part (1 part vs 2 parts or plural component) there is no texture control so those products have little beads or ?pebbles? to create some slip-proofing? Faulty coatings yield low end results. The main indicator is that the ?orange peel? or texture wears out quickly. This is why:
  • They?re made of a different solid material than the coating which dries ?around? each grain but with no actual ?bond? to the grains,
  • These grains are made of either crumb rubber (old tires) or ground acrylic paint which bears no stress, they fall out,
  • They?re not made of polyurea or polyhybrid which have very high tensile strengths over 2,000 psi
  • The shutz , pronounced ?shoots gun? is the cheapest undercoating gun on earth. Many don?t come with containers to hold the coating!
Shutz guns were made for 1-part under coating which is a cheap tar-like formula to spray under vehicle frames & bodies & not to apply a bedliner which is inherently less viscous (thinner) than tar? since undercoating guns were never designed for true spray on bedliner, and mostly because true spray-lining formulas require good equipment to apply, every DIY spray on bedliner sold except SLC equate to imitations and poor spray guns.  

Al?s Liner Professional Gun

? Al?s Liner comes with no gun, BUT you can buy theirs for fifty-five dollars. The real problem with that is that it?s a cheap gun available at harbor freight for $14. Als liner DIY bedliner kit comes with 1 gallon + 4 ounces primer + 4 ounces color = 134 ounces = barely over a gallon of spray bedliner. This is NOT enough to line a truck bed properly. PERIOD. Al?s Liner States ?A professional grade bed liner spray gun that delivers a perfect finish to your and can be used over and over again. It?s an all-purpose air texture. SLC uses Graco, Binks, DeVilBiss equipment. You might verify at the AlsLiner site or inspect truths at .

Professional Spray Guns for Professional Results with DIY Bedliner

SL Premium gunOur SLC Spray Guns are Top Notch ?

  • Multiple external tips for texture control
  • Internal settings for profile
  • A directional, wide throat hopper with state-of-the-art, purging gun body

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