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Don?t take the easy way out

You have to do a topcoat if you are using color chips on your garage floor kit. Any company that sells garage floor kits without advising to use a clear top coat is taking the easy way out just to guarantee a sale. The truth is that without a clear coat over the broadcast medium, any floor will have problems maintaining a new look, cleanup and longevity.
Coating your garage floor with a quality poly hybrid coating is a solid addition to your property and adds a needed layer of protection to your high traffic areas. Concealing damage and stains on the original substrate are primary purposes of applying a garage floor coating.

DIY Garage Floors

It?s OK to Ask the Experts

You spend time in your garage and you know what you want

High Quality Service

High Quality Service

Getting the right combination of materials and equipment to meet your budget is not that simple.
Don?t worry – Spray-Lining specializes in high quality surface coatings for all types of environments.
Do your research and compare
Not sure of the options? Call Us
Spray-Lining specializes in industrial coatings and spray polyurea, polyurea-hybrid, polyurethane and poly hybrid.

We beat the competition

Garage Floor Kit ? 3 car garage

How We Beat Them

Great deals on DIY Floor Kits ?We are a coatings manufacturer so you get the biggest discount here. We do not spend big money on advertising in order to continue providing the best prices on the net for high quality DIY flooring products.

Humble ? We just have a great product and do not get over inflated about it. The reality is that these materials are similar in many cases. We are not that unique in the area.

However ? We do boast superior technical support. We are available and professionals. We do boast over 30 years of professional applicator experience from the industrial and agriculture industry down to supporting

Our Product – Floor Coatings for Garages and Workshops

7 thoughts on “DIY Garage Floor Kits

  1. I just spent an hour reading through your information and comments. I think I have learned more here than anywhere else?Thanks for that. I still feel lost though, but I’m going to try to apply as my DIY project. I have talked to several suppliers but they all seem to push their favorite product and bad-mouth all others. I have a NEW 450 sq ft of floor space with a southern facing overhead door. I spend my Ohio summers working on cars with the garage door open if its not raining. I had planned on a tan epoxy floor with a few light decorative chips?but the ?yellowing? factor worries me, (we have just had a full month of dry 85 degree + weather). I want a nice bright long lasting finish. Also, if it plays a role, just inside the overhead will be a large Mustang pony emblem. Its a DYI project, but I am fully confident with either process?just want to do it right the first time. I would consider your advice to be of key importance in my decision and will be calling.

  2. Everything was done as originally explained. The technician was very careful to let us know when we could walk on the floor and when we could return things to the garage. Very professional and courteous. Will definitely recommend you to neighbors.

  3. The technicians who provided the estimate and completed the installation of my garage floor were both courteous, professional, and answered my questions fully. They were professional, and the technician who installed the polyurea to the floor not only made sure the floor was covered equally throughout (to hide the fact that the floor is uneven) but he also cleaned up thoroughly. I would highly recommend Spray Lining & Coatings to a friends, family and neighbors based on this experience.

  4. Just an FYI, I had my Garage floor done… Everything went well I am very happy the way the floor cam out. The technician that came to do the floor based onyour recommendation, was very nice, knew the product took his time explained every step. Thank you for your professional attitude and the recommendation of a contractor.

  5. Loved the info provided by your service staff – very professional and know what they are talking about. Thank you. We hired the company you suggested to put in a Polyaspartic/Hybrid Polymer garage floor. We love it. But was wondering how one cleans the floor so it keeps the shine? Power wash? Mop? Simple Green?
    Thanks very much.

  6. Very friendly and cleaned up both the garage door and the garage floor after work was finish. You should have more staff like him. He would make a great trainer or supervisor. He even asked if he could recycle the plastic when he noticed we had recycling bins…..great work, great job, great staff. Will be recommending.

  7. Procedure to purchase the item at the Internet price was not purchaser friendly. To much detail, when your system should just have a code for acceptance and payment for the unit. But then computers will be computers!!!

    I finished the project and was very pleased with the results. I appreciate the time your tech took with me on the lengthy phone call.

    Thanks so much – I will recommend your company to all my friends.

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