Colored Bedliner

DIY Custom Color Bedliner

Line-X, Monstaliner, Dualiner, Al’s Liner and ourselves (Spray-Lining) all have colored bed liner spray on products. The difference is we have created a system that allows a person to accomplish a professional custom colored bed liner with a DIY Spray Bed Liner Kit. We are the only company that has formulated a thick, durable bedliner with a custom color system that is intended to be mixed with either our standard color bases, or your own automotive grade tint. This allows virtually any bed liner tint to be achieved with one system.

Colors for Spray Bedliners

Here is a list of our basic colors. We can also create any custom color you need. Just call us to find out more. Shop OUR Colored Bed Liners

Exact Color Matching for Your Bedliner

Give us a paint code and we can mix your color exactly. This is something that no one else offers. Especially for DIY jobs. Save hundreds of dollars by doing it yourself. Our proven method and simple procedure guarantees that you can effectively mix and apply your own custom colored bedliner without unnecessary pain. If you aren’t sure and feel uncomfortable CALL US. We have the best customer support team to help you do a perfect job with your bedliner. This is so important to us that we only employ seasoned coatings experts.

U/V Stable Color Options are Endless

All of our bedliner colors are U/V stable and of the highest quality polymers.

Custom Color Bedliner Paint Manufacturers

We use the best vendors for our paint systems. Our quality custom color bedliner product will leave you stoked that you purchase a Spray-Lining Custom Color Bedliner. We use:
  • Nason
  • DuPont
  • SEM
  • PPG
  • Matrix
  • BASF
  • Sherwin Williams
  • Morton
We offer the custom color you need for your bedliner. Why go with Black or Gray if you can have a color that matches your ride? At Spray-Lining we offer a variety of basic color options as well as an almost infinite selection of custom colors.

Bring Color to Your Life

The SL-1000 product line offers the ability to custom match any color and mix it with our high end poly hybrid spray bedliner. Don’t be drab with your truck or car. If you’re like most, you probably have a special love for your vehicle that is hard to surpass. If this is you, than look into our colored truck bedliner. Our high grade paint additives along with our superior spray bedliner gives you the quality that you cannot sacrifice for your truck.
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