CIM 1000 Pond Coating Review

CIM1000 Review

cim-1000CIM 1000 is a two-component high performance coating and lining that forms a seamless, tough elastomeric membrane. The product CIM1061 is a bit more expensive and was suggested directly from the distributor for use in a koi pond because of its more forgiving nature. This is the product that is used in waste water management facilities. This material is highly promoted as a tank liner for potable water. This product costs about $4.50 / sq ft at 60 mils. So, quite expensive, but seems to be a good solution for pond lining and waterproofing applications. If you are applying this on a porous surface you are supposed to use 2x more material making the price tag even heftier.
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  • Used in industrial applications, so probably can trust long term performance
  • Simple to mix and apply (spray or trowel)
  • Low VOC and 100% solids available
Draw backs
  • Expensive
  • Bonding agent is very sensitive to use but required in many cases which also adds to cost
  • Not much in DIY applications available
  • Hard to get support
  • Difficult to buy

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Positive Reviews of CIM 1000 Review of CIM and other coatings This is a pretty comprehensive review of other coatings as well Negative Reviews of CIM 1000 We believe that this product has very little negative feedback because it is a great product. However, it has a hefty price tag that makes it more of an industrial solution.


This product is intended for large jobs that have deep pockets. This asphault based elastomeric coating is great, but the drawbacks make one consider when it comes to DIY projects. At over $4.40 / sq ft, this is a product you do not want to mess up. This should probably be left to the professionals.

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