Benefits of Spray Cartridges

They are definitely clean compared to using plural equipment….But, there are a lot of downfalls to polyurea spray cartridges for Bedliner. Top 5 Problems with Polyurea Cartridges Expensive material compared to pure polyurea prices.. The prices of the average cartridge … Continue reading

Armadillo Versus Line-X

Armadillo Liners – Comparison buying guide Armadillo-vs-Line-X offers a variety of bedliner materials for your body shop. They have pure polyurea, polyurea hybrids and polyurethane systems for truck bedliners. It seems they have 5 main products that are available in … Continue reading

Competing DIY Spray Guns: Low Quality

DIY Products come with Low Quality Spray Guns Rollers identify low quality product from the start- they equate to a 1 part (1 part vs 2 parts or plural component) there is no texture control so those products have little … Continue reading

Compare Dualliner to Spray on Bedliner

Why Commit to Dualliner? There have been articles written by dualliner marketing departments about the benefits of a drop in bedliner over a spray on bedliner. These articles include information like, “When you don’t want to spring for a permanent … Continue reading