Bedliner Dealer Startup Comparison

Comparing Spray Bedliner Start Up Kits for Dealers

Getting accurate price information is not easy. It?s even more difficult to get an easy to read price comparison. Here is a list of what we found for the main competing vendors for spray bedliner dealer start up packages.

Scorpion Start Up Package – $1500

What are you paying for

– 9 Gallons Kit XO2 Chemical (Enough for 4 – 6′ truck bed liners) – Color Tint – Tech Support – Marketing material that promotes Scorpion You will have to charge $375.00 for materials per bed plus labor. Your cost goes up to around $475 to spray one bed. To make a minimal profit of 20% you need to charge $570.00 per truck bed. This is much higher than the national average for a sprayed truck bed liner. You would have to sell 10 of these just to make the profit you would make on 3 truck bed of Spray-Lining. The difference in cost does not justify all the ?Marketing? materials, you are getting with the Scorpion Start-up kit. Scorpion Dealer Reviews

Scorpion Dealer 16 Bed Start Up Package

The 16 bed startup is promising 4 times the amount for twice the money, a 50% savings. How is that possible??? It?s not. The $1500 startup kit is simply a decoy to get an upsell to at least $3000. You won?t make any money on the 4 beds, so who in their right mind you buy it?

What are you getting out of the 16 bed kit?

– 36 Gallons of material – About the same tools besides 2 Guns and a lot of marketing material. Compare the Difference between Spray-Lining and Scorpion

$3000 dollars VERSUS Spray-Lining $1237.00

Scorpion 16 Bed

      – 16 6? beds
      – Total gallons = 36 gallons
      – 2 spray guns
      – Each 6? bed dealer cost = $187.50
      – Your general labor = $100.00
      – Cost to Customer = $400
Profit on material = $112.50

Spray-Lining 15 bed

  • 15 6? bed kits
  • Total gallons = 34.5
  • 4 spray guns
  • Each 6? Bedliner costs = $82.46
  • Your general labor = $100.00
  • Cost to Customer = $400
  • Profit on material = $217.54

Contact Spray-Lining for a hardcore dealer start up package

This Comparison is against our NON-Discounted Bedliner Materials

To be fair to the competition, we are comparing against our standard priced materials. This does not include marketing and referral incentives. However, with our dealer packages you get additional significant discounts as well as the comfort of business services that market YOUR business, not ours. At the end of the day, with a dealer package you get up to 4 gallons of sprayable material per truck bed which lets you deliver an unbeatable 125 mils thick bedliner that is superior to Scorpion Coatings and others like Rhino Pro, Line-X, Ultimate Linings and Speedliner.

Spray-Lining Difference ? Contact a Spray-Lining Consultant 1-855-545-4900

Spray-Lining is a chemical manufacturer that focuses itself on providing highly profitable bedliner solutions to small and mid-size companies. We do not want to be the focal point for the bedliner market. We want to provide personal company marketing services that drive the reputation and services of your company in your local market for Bedliner, Agricultural and Industrial coating systems. ** This is on Professional-Grade DIY bedliner material costs with applicator support and basic equipment- for those who just want the best deal on high-quality product. ***For a no-contract dealer (targeting basic bed volume, advertised for continuous jobbing) you?d receive ?Dealer-Grade? materials, even lower costs, with high-end, Graco or Glascraft equipment. Equipment loaned at no cost in first year with exclusive zone locks with populations of 600,000+.

Marketing services for SPRAY-LINING DEALERS

  2. Inclusion in the Spray-Lining&smp;trade dealer locator PROFILING YOUR BUSINESS NAME & CONTACT IN LOCAL, PROTECTED ZONES
  3. HIGH EMPHASIS ON NEW & loyal CUSTOMERS TO CALL YOU OVER RHINO, LINE-X, or any lining shop or contractor. We do not put your dollars into marketing our name NATIONALLY
  4. ????- THAT POPULAR BUSINESS MODEL ultimately creates stress for the participating franchise as higher CALL volume is NOT SECURE and profit is low. We provide INSTRUCTION for you, the business owner to QUOTE & DO NEW DAILY JOBS while MAINTAINING your EXISTING business TASKS OR JOBS. Solid mark up IS 4 ? 9 times cost.
  5. Sl advertising includes local radio, email, direct mail sample pkgs to specific business & consumer types; i.e. Truck dealers & new truck owners. Powerful markets as boat & truck builders, koi pond owners, aero & auto fleets are targeted by us for you in addition to: – Customized brochures, stickers, hangers, banner, charts, decals & samples with your name & contact on it – not ours.

Compare Qwikliner / Ultimatelinings Bedliner

This is another spray bed liner bait and switch. QwikLiner advertises ?Special Web Price? and a myriad of plural spray accessories and materials. However, if you drill into any of this information on their website you will see quickly that you cannot actually buy anything. You can really ONLY submit contact information in order to get a sales person to call you about becoming a dealer for Qwikliner who is really Ultimatelinings. They do not advertise any pricing at all which makes it difficult to make any preliminary decision without going through their sales system.

So What do you Get?

  • You don?t get a discount
  • There is no guarantee of support
  • You get to make very little margin on the first 10 beds (220/bed + waste + labor ? purchase price = not much $$)
  • A good quality liner
  • No returning discount until you switch over to ultimatelinings which is a much more expensive proposition.
Qwikliner replacement cartridges are 8.00 a piece which adds significantly to your cost. There is an upgrade option to have reusable cartridges. There is no published pricing, but it?s not cheap. We got this pricing breakdown upon calling Qwikliner directly.
What we found for Start Up Dealers
  • By the case (6 cartridges) for $180.00
  • 20% discount on over 20 beds = $164.00
  • Gun costs $500
  • 6 cartridges to a box = 8 ft bed
  • 5 cartridges for a 6 ft bed

The Numbers Don’t Add Up

This is at 1/8th on stress areas and 1/16th on verticals and back supposedly. But, 1.5 gallons of material is NOT enough material to provide this coverage.

Speedliner Startup Package – $1,800.00 + frt

This startup option includes:
  • 40 gallons of material expected to be applied at 60 mil average. This is about 13 truck beds.
  • Tech Support
  • 0 Spray Guns ? $103.33 per gun
  • No accessories

What do you get?

Well here is what?s advertised?. For premium SPEEDLINER? 1000 – 3 gallons in a mini truck, 4 gallons in a 6 ft. bed, and 5 gallons in an 8 ft. bed at 90 mils thickness. For an entry-level SPEEDLINER? 1000, its one gallon less on each size bed.

What they?re saying

The entry-level inclusion basically says that their advertised cost of $164.60 for 4 gallons is increased by 33+%, making it $54.87 / gallon. – This is with an average coverage of 60 mils, which does not provide enough material for 100 mil height in the highest impact areas. – You can see this by subtracting 30% of the thickness from the below statement based on the 33% difference of material for startup mentioned above. get_dealer_info

Spray-Lining $1,237.50 versus Speedliner $1,800.00

Spray-Lining gives you 4 professional spray guns that Speedliner sells for $100/piece ($400 dollar difference from Speedliner). Spray-Lining provides enough professional material in the most affordable startup kit to do 15 truck beds at an average of 100 mils and make enough money to make it an obvious permanent choice for a business add-on. With Spray-Lining you?D make $200.00+ per truck bed.


Something not mentioned is that in most states Speedliner, Scorpion & Qwickliner has to be sprayed in a booth. Spray-Lining has NO VOC or isocyanates. Spray-Lining bedliner materials can be sprayed without a booth and/or respirator in ALL 50 states & Canadian provinces.
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