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Difference between Rhino and Line-X

Is there really a difference between Rhino and Line-X?


Great question. There are a lot of ways to address this, but we will try to keep it related to their materials and business model.
Yes, they have different material and a different business model. Rhino linings provides a broad range of materials for different application purposes ranging from spray truck bedliners to industrial applications like floor coatings, pool coatings and specialized applications.
Line-X also provides solutions for residential, industrial as well as spray truck bedliners. The difference between these companies is Rhino Lining?s mothership is a spray-on polyurethane – aliphatic elastomer whereas Line-X came to the industry after Rhino Linings and brought the first franchise opportunity for spray polyurea-hybrid to the market. Line-X differentiated themselves from Rhino Linings by providing a hard abrasion resistant bedliner. Rhino?s primary bedliner is known for being soft or rubbery in texture.
Since the beginning of these companies, like other bedliner companies like speedliner and scorpion coatings, they have expanded their services to include commercial and industrial applications in order to take advantage of new opportunities.
Spray-Lining is a chemical manufacturer and specializes in a broad range of services with the professional knowledge of these industries in order to provide expert support and product sales support for ALL job inquiries. Because of this our dealers get better job support as well as leads that fit their desired market. Compare costs between Rhino Lining and Line-X

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