Armadillo Versus Line-X

Armadillo Liners – Comparison buying guide

Armadillo-vs-Line-X offers a variety of bedliner materials for your body shop. They have pure polyurea, polyurea hybrids and polyurethane systems for truck bedliners. It seems they have 5 main products that are available in 5 gallon and drum set quantities. These range from 100% pure polyurea to 60 (polyurea) / 40 (polyurethane) ratios. Armadillo Pricing : The prices are not posted and you cannot get any kind of general idea on the pricing. Do it yourself : NO Colors: 7 colors (pewter[grey], dark grey, light grey, blue, green, red, ) Notes: Spray-Lining and Coatings offers polyurea, polyurea hybrid, poly-hybrid and polyurethane. We have color options for any number of colors, standard or custom colored bedliner. Compare us to Armadillo liners and see the difference. We are a generic alternative to Rhino Linings, Scorpion Coatings and Armadillo Liners.

Compare Armadillo to Line-X

Line-X offers primarily a high pressure pure 100% polyurea solution for bedliners and industrial coatings. They have a great product. Their business model is different than Armadillo in the sense that they have strong franchise agreements whereas Armadillo is a pure distributor of high grade bedliner in volume. Line-X has opportunities for someone looking for a turnkey solution for pure polyurea. Line-X Pricing : Not available, but we know that there are very strict franchise agreements and expensive equipment costs to get started. You will spend upwards of $50,000 to get spraying with Line-X Do it yourself : Not available Colors : No colors as far as we can tell, though we have seen a few images with colors Notes: Line-X is definitely a top quality product. However, the franchise agreement appears to be very strict from what we have heard. There are many satisfied dealers that turn a good profit. As with any business opportunity failure is common. Spray-Lining is a superior solution for the body shop or contractor who is looking for a low cost startup with immediate profit potential. Any feedback about your experience with Armadillo or Line-x is welcome. Learn Why Spray-Lining is Better

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