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Spray Bed Liner Articles

Bed Liner industry news direct to you.? We are dedicated to exposing the truth about the bedliner and spray coatings market.? With 30 years of experience in the chemical industry this is the authority site on spray linings and coatings. Comparing DIY Bedliners

Bed Liner Current Trends

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Jeep Bed Liner

Rhino Linings came out at SEMA with the Mad Max Jeep look and if you’re into it you probably hear a lot about Jeep coatings nowadays. Not just for truck beds anymore, the spray on bed liner industry is coatings practically everything, and the Jeep is a perfect candidate. Tough riding, deep forest, water, hunting. All the elements that create a need for a bed liner. Our Spray Jeep Coatings can be tinted and customized. You can create a hard and smooth or softer rough texture as well as anything in between with our spray on coatings. Shop Jeeps Coatings.

Rhino Linings Making Some Changes

At the same time as the SEMA show this year, Rhino Linings was making a strategic move for itself elsewhere. On November, 5 2013 Rhino Linings acquired Advanced Coatings Systems. This was a strategic move that allows the same retail products to be produced and distributed while undergoing an efficiency overhaul using Rhino’s logistics and operations processes. Both companies are located in San Diego so the consolidation of offices is not too bad for the employees that are being transferred.

Koi Ponds and Waterscapes

Our pond coating system and support is unrivaled in the pond coating market. Elastic, impermeable underwater coating for any water retaining application.

Professional Product for Home Use – Fish and Plant Safe

Koi ponds and other waterscapes can be done properly and with no worry about future failure with our coatings. Read about installation issues, koi pond design and products available for your project whether you are a commercial applicator or a do it yourselfer. Koi Pond Articles

Garage Floors

We bring clear pricing and information about garage floor coatings to the consumer and contractor. Read our reviews, how to articles and feed back from customers. Don’t make the mistake of a prefabricated pond. You won’t be happy and it will cost you more to remove and redo with a suitable long term pond system.

The Origin of Bedliners and Floor Coatings

Rhino Linings brought polyureas to the public through the application of spray on bedliners. This was a brilliant marketing strategy for selling high quality polyurea and polyhybrid elostemers. The history of Spray Bedliners

Spray Bedliners – The Third Dimension

Bedliner Height is often disregarded by bedliner companies. This information is typically not highlighted. We believe it is critical to take into account when buying a truck bedliner or when entering a business as a bedliner vendor. Learn about Bed Liner Thickness

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